Garuda Indonesia Introduces Hospitality to Miss Universe

October 18th, 2009 by hpu1175

Indonesia famous for hospitality. Thus, in parts of any country, Indonesia is famous for its identity is polite and friendly.

GIAIn order to introduce the national identity, Garuda Indonesia invites Miss Universe 2009, Stefania Fernandez to enjoy the "Garuda Indonesia Experience". Namely the concept of a new service that combines Garuda Indonesia typical Indonesian hospitality combined with aspects of safety and comfort, which is dedicated to efficiently and effectively by a human resources professional.

In a visit to the headquarters of Garuda Indonesia in Building Management office area at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Miss Universe 2009 was accompanied by Miss Indonesia 2009, Qori Sandioriva.

During the visit, Miss Universe and Miss Indonesia welcomed by Garuda Indonesia President Director Emirsyah Satar. Also attending the occasion Expert Staff of Minister of Tourism Culture Sukarya Titin, Venezuela’s Ambassador to Indonesia Menzones Liccioni Mary Virginia, Kadin chairman MS Hidayat, counselor several friendly countries, as well as various other invitations from the business elements, hospitality, and tourism.

In addition, the visit of Miss Universe is also part of a series of visits to several cities in Indonesia as an initiative of Garuda Indonesia for Miss Universe to know from the natural beauty and elegance of Indonesian culture in order to introduce Indonesia to the world.

In cooperation with Yayasan Putri Indonesia (Putri Indonesia Foundation), Garuda Indonesia took the initiative to invite Miss Universe elected each year to come to Indonesia in order to further develop tourism to Indonesia and to increase visits of foreign tourists to Indonesia.

In addition to re-inaugurate "Garuda Indonesia Experience", Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez, who came from Venezuela that, together with Miss Indonesia 2009 Qori Sandioriva derived from NAD, was also an opportunity to see the latest aircraft types Garuda Indonesia A330-200 and B-737 – 800NG.

New aircraft has been painted with a new logo that Garuda Indonesia has the spirit of "nature’s wing" and equipped with the "inflight entertainment" with the current personal TV on each seat is also equipped with Audio & Video on Demand (AVOD) in a variety of TV entertainment choices, music, and games during the flight.


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6 Responses to “Garuda Indonesia Introduces Hospitality to Miss Universe”

  1. Comment by wanita

    nice asian woman, i think nice photo and stylist, good luck :) wanita menjadi inspirasi mode saat ini


  2. Comment by pakaian wanita

    kadang cewek adalah ciptaan tuhan yang sulit dimengerti. mintanya aneh-aneh Sulit dimengerti. dan wanita tercipta lebih banyak bicara. kata-kata yang diucapkan biasanya lebih banyak dibandingkan laki-laki. Informasi survey di lapangannya memang begitu, dan wajib dipenuhi. biar gak cepat tua kali ya…. :d so dengarkanlah…


  3. Comment by Rosie Khan

    Asian women are cute and good mannered. they are very caring too.:-;


  4. Comment by Emma Hill

    asian women are petite and most of them are mild mannered compared to western women-’,


  5. Comment by info lowongan

    indonesia negeriku yang indah


  6. Comment by Suara Terbaru

    terima kasih atas infonya,,,
    salam kenal…